Obama - Iran, Lies and Evolution

Obama, Debate with Mitt Romney

“Our goal is to get Iran to recognize it needs to give up its nuclear program and abide by the UN resolutions that have been in place … the deal well accept is:  They end their nuclear programIts very straightforward.”  Obama, October 2012, presidential debates with Mitt Romney, and Obama lies to win the election.

Obama Mitt

Obama, American University Speech

Now, lets be clear.  The international sanctions were put in place precisely to get Iran to agree to constraints on its program.  That’s the point of sanctions.  Any negotiated agreement with Iran would involve sanctions relief.”  Obama, American University speech, August 5, 2015.  Do sanctions exist to end the Iranian nuclear program or to constrain the nuclear program?  It appears Obama changed his position after his election win.

Obama American University

Obama, Friedman of New York Times Interview

“In a perfect world, Iran would say, ‘We won’t have any nuclear infrastructure at all,’ but what we know is that this has become a matter of pride and nationalism for IranEven those who we consider moderates and reformers are supportive of some nuclear program inside of Iran, and given that they will not capitulate completely, given that they cant meet the threshold that Prime Minister Netanyahu sets forth, there are no Iranian leaders who will do that.  And given the fact that this is a country that withstood an eight-year war and a million people dead, they’ve shown themselves willing, I think, to endure hardship when they considered a point of national pride or, in some cases, national survival.”  Obama interview with Thomas Friedman, The New York Times, March 5, 2015, supporting the Iranian Nuclear Framework Agreement.  Obama, as president of the United States, reverses his policy, and argues to advance Iranian, not American, interests. 

Obama Friedman

Obama, Channel 2 News, Israel

“The deal we are negotiating will take a nuclear bomb off the table for the next twenty yearsA military solution will not fix it.  Even if the United States participates, it would temporarily slow down an Iranian nuclear program but it will not eliminate it … Sanctions wont do it, a military solution is temporary, the deal we are negotiating will take a nuclear bomb off the table for the next twenty years.”  Obama is discussing the Iranian nuclear framework agreement with Channel 2 News, Israel, June 2, 2015.  Obama lied to the American public, to Congress and to the West for six years about his belief in the effectiveness of a possible military option and economic sanctions. Obama never had any intention of taking military action against Iran or inflicting the needed economic pain to the Iranian economy so they would agree to a balanced and fair JCPOA, which would be accepted by Congress and Israel.  With Israel now facing a potential second nuclear Holocaust, Obama goes to the Holy Land and lies to the Jews by stating there are no nuclear threats to them for at least twenty years, when a secret side deal kept hidden by Obama allows Iran to start increasing their nuclear enrichment activities in less than ten years, while the JCPOA is in effect.

Obama-Channel 2