“In a perfect world, Iran would say, ‘We won’t have any nuclear infrastructure at all,’ but what we know is that this has become a matter of pride and nationalism for IranEven those who we consider moderates and reformers are supportive of some nuclear program inside of Iran, and given that they will not capitulate completely, given that they cant meet the threshold that Prime Minister Netanyahu sets forth, there are no Iranian leaders who will do that.  And given the fact that this is a country that withstood an eight-year war and a million people dead, they’ve shown themselves willing, I think, to endure hardship when they considered a point of national pride or, in some cases, national survival.”  Obama interview with Thomas Friedman, The New York Times, March 5, 2015, supporting the Iranian Nuclear Framework Agreement.  Obama, as president of the United States, reverses his policy, and argues to advance Iranian, not American, interests. 

Obama, Friedman Of New York Times Interview